How to Care For a Copper Sink

Think about how many sinks you have in your house. They’re all over the place! Adding a copper sink to your kitchen, bathroom, or another part of your house is a great way to add style and class to your decorations. Now we’ll look at how to effectively care for a copper sink so that it will maintain its good look and last longer.

Copper sinks can add an attractive accent to any room, in a place where people often expect dull porcelain or brushed metal. Copper evolves with time as it reacts with its surroundings. You will notice that with time, your copper sink will look even more beautiful (or worse) depending on how you treat it. Ensuring that your sink improves its attractiveness with age requires proper cleaning techniques.

Copper sinks come into a variety of finishes, the most common finish colors are clear, dark brown, or a custom natural-red. The colors are created as a result of accelerating the aging process of the sink. To maintain that beautiful look of your copper sink, follow these instructions:

  • Cleaners. You do not need to have any specific cleaners. In fact, if you use hard cleaners on a copper sink with a patina (weathered finish), chances are that you will hurt the surface of your sink. Use a soft cotton cloth to clean your sink. Avoid using hard chemicals too as they will damage your sink’s finish.
  • Hard water If you happen to have hard water running through your tap, do your best to keep your copper clean. Dry it with a soft cloth after washing. Hard water gives copper sinks a spotty, unattractive appearance, especially on hammered copper sinks. To prevent this further, apply wax on your sink periodically. This will allow your sink maintain its luster.
  • Acid foods. Avoid leaving acidic foods on your sink surface for a prolonged period of time. Foods like tomatoes, oranges, lemons contain acids that leave a shiny spot on the finish of your copper sink. If this happens accidentally, just wash the sink with soap and water and wait for the finish to recover its patina. The copper will age with time and the spot will gradually blend in with the rest of the sink.

For custom copper sinks with natural reddish color, the maintenance process remains the same as it is for dark and clear brown finished sinks. However, you are advised to apply lacquer regularly to help protect it and slow the aging process.

To maintain shiny and washed finishes on your custom sink, you will need to consistently care for your sink. An acid wash also helps in obtaining a beautiful bright look. Remember to rebuff and clean your sink with a copper cleaner regularly. If your sink is in a kitchen or another place where you don’t want to use copper cleaner, you can also make an organic copper cleaning product with equal parts lemon juice and salt. After cleaning your sink, protect it’s surface with wax coating. If you adhere to these instructions, your copper sink will continue looking beautiful and new.

Mexican Copper Sink – How They Add Style To Your Kitchen/Bathroom

hammered farmhouse kitchen copper sinkThe aesthetically pleasing looks of a Mexican copper sink are enjoying something of a renaissance in present times. This style of sink has been around for centuries but its appeal is in its timelessness. They are truly unique looking and are akin to having a piece of working art suspended in your kitchen or bathroom! Copper kitchen sinks add a touch of class to both a vintage or a modern kitchen as they seem aged but at the same time ageless. A lot of the attractiveness is due to the unique visuals of copper and yet what most folks do not appreciate is that there are also some functional facets of owning a copper sink. As copper itself is an antimicrobial surface, a sink made with this component is unique in that it is both germ free and and has the ability to naturally heal itself. The benefit to the owner is a germ-free kitchen for ones family, which in turn, minimizes the risks of diseases and illnesses inside the household.

Probably the most important thing you need to contemplate when getting a sink made of copper will be the quality within the copper itself. When purchasing a sink made of copper always make a point of shopping in person. With an popular product markets become awash with inferior imported knockoffs. Sinks making use of inferior materials are tough to maintain as low-quality sinks of copper will stain very easily thus making a potential show-piece actually end up ruining the whole appearance of your kitchen.

Mexican Tiles to Brighten Spanish Home Décor

Would you love to have a collection of flawless quality tiles that brightens both interiors and exteriors of your Spanish style home? In fact, to be successful, you must go in for one of the best brands in the market such as Talavera tiles. And you ought to get a clear idea of how you should use Mexican Talavera tiles in your home decor. If you do not make a good selection or follow the correct installation process, you’ll get nothing but a less attractive home décor pattern full of flaws, weaknesses and instabilities. Also, you must pay attention to the aesthetic side as well as its function. Therefore, do concentrate on the following tips when selecting tiles and make your dream home a reality.

Verify whether its surface is food-safe

If the tile surface is not food safe it’s not suitable to install in a kitchen. The tile should have been fired to a high temperature to receive that desirable standard. And you should know whether it’s a food-friendly glaze. If they do not meet these requirements, never use them to cover food preparation surfaces.

 Mind the slippage

This is especially important when you buy floor tiles. Certain varieties of tiles become terribly slippery after getting wet. Such floors could pave way to accidents that may even cause death to a person. Tiles with slippery surfaces suit only for vertical applications and not for the horizontal ones. Surface of floor tiles must have a certain roughness to prevent the slippage.

Examine tiles for cracks and flaws before installation

Be sensitive to the texture and look of the tiles and try to find the cracked ones before installing. You should not just discard the cracked tiles. True that they’re not suitable for horizontal applications. But they could be successfully used vertically in certain decorative purposes.  If you identify the cracked tiles beforehand, you can use them appropriately without just throwing them away.

May I tell you why you should specially select Talavera tiles? Each and every piece of Talavera tile is made by the hands of skilled craftsmen. So, they have a uniqueness that cannot be surpassed by any machine-made product. Also, they do not easily wear out due to the special glaze they possess. And they come in a wide variety of sizes, colors and shapes to suit any purpose that may occur in designing homes. So, make a wise selection of Mexican Talavera tiles to beautify your Spanish style home?

Admire the Wondrous beauty of Talavera Pots!

Talavera pots are a wonderful attraction in the field of modern-day home decor. Nothing can surpass the vibrant colors, creative designs and the light they add to a place. Complex, yet lovely decorations they paint on these clay pots can grab anybody’s attention. You’ve got nothing to doubt about the quality of these beautiful pots since they’re always made by gifted artists. They never insult their fine craft by creating fake products. They’re head to heal Mexican and no loopholes could be seen in them. So, the hard-working Mexican artisans deserve the praise of the whole world.

A beautiful Talavera flower vase

Excellent skills and dedication of the artisans give life to a wide range of lovely Talavera pots. But, can they assure you of the quality of the products, their durability and safety? Why not? Talavera clay pots are environment-friendly and non-toxic. So, they do no harm your health. Customers can always rely on the manufacturers in this transaction. They never let you down. From concept to the production stage they’re with the clients. Also, they are cost-effective and don’t become a hazard to your pocket. Therefore, Mexican Talavera pots are a good fit to the buyers of every level of the social ladder. In brief, Mexican Talavera clay pots are capable of impressing people throughout the world.

Moreover, Talavera pots serve as a symbol of prosperity. They color your life by making the surroundings gorgeous. You can use them in several ways to decorate the home, garden and open spaces. However, if you’re creative and artistic, you can reap lots of benefits in this type of home decor.

Talavera pots come in different shapes. Round shaped, cylindrical, flat shaped and shapeless ones are in the market. Besides, you can see them in various animal shapes too. Owl-shaped, fish-shaped and cat-shaped lovely pots are ideal for decorating your dining tables, book shelves and even dressing tables. Some are meant to hold bouquets of artificial flowers while some others are used to grow natural flowering plants. The brilliant colors of these natural flowers and the vibrant designs of the pot make a pretty combination. Try home décor with Talavera pots at least once in the lifetime. You’ll definitely be grateful to these skilled craftsmen for creating such marvelous designs just for you!

Properly Cleaning Copper

Copper is one of the oldest metals known to man. Maintaining the timeless beauty of your copper sink, bathtub or tile requires maintenance because copper ages as it contacts its surroundings. Whether you want to clean a new copper sink, an old copper bathtub, or any other kind of copper based object around the house, it is important to know the proper ways to care for your copper.

Cleaning lacquered copper is fairly simple, use soap and water like you would for most other everyday objects in your house.

Cleaning unfinished copper is a more complicated process.

One option is to buy a copper-cleaning product from your local hardware or home & garden store. A product like this will clean your copper very effectively. The downside of buying a copper cleaner is that it may contain harsh chemicals that some people might not feel comfortable using in bathtub or a sink where food is handled.

Copper cleaning products are very safe but it is worth knowing about the homemade cleaners you may be able to produce from everyday kitchen supplies.

Equal parts lemon juice and salt can be mixed together to form a paste that is quite effective at removing dirt and oxidation from copper. Simply rub the paste into your copper and then rinse it away with soap and warm water.

If you don’t have lemons sitting around the house, you can also combine vinegar with salt and use it to clean copper in the same way you would use the lemon juice and salt mixture. Smaller copper objects can even be placed in pot of bubbling water containing salt and vinegar to remove dirt without scrubbing.

Ketchup is another kitchen product that can be used to clean copper, though, you may not want to rub ketchup into a whole copper bathtub!

When buying a copper product it is important to know whether the metal is finished because unfinished and finished coppers need different cleaning treatments. Copper cleaning products are safe but making a homemade cleaner from kitchen products can be a great way to save money!

Maintaining Copper Tiles

Copper tile is an elegant addition to any room whether you want a few tiles for decoration or to cover a large surface area. offers a number of decorativeCopper Tile In A Bathroom Backsplash
Weathered copper tile in a va

It is important to know the proper way to take care of your copper tile to maintain its attractiveness and the value of your investment. Copper needs particular attention because the metal will definitely change with age and it is up to you to decide whether it becomes more or less attractive.

Seal Your Tiles

One of the best ways to ensure that your tiles retain their luster is to properly seal them. A suitable sealant and instructions on how to apply it can be found at your local hardware store.

Some choose to leave their copper tiles unfinished because they like the appearance of the aging copper. If left unfinished your copper tiles will darken and likely develop a pantina. You may be able to buy pre-aged copper tiles that are already finished. Buying this kind of tile is a good way to attain the aged-copper look without placing your investment in a dangerous position.

Cleaning Sealed Tiles

Cleaning sealed copper tile is very similar to cleaning other types of tile. A wet washrag is adequate to remove everyday dust and dirt. Soap and water may be used to treat a tough stain but it is important to avoid chemical cleaners because they may interact negatively with the sealant that you applied. A well-applied coat of sealant will prevent any dirt or stains from negatively interacting with the actual copper.

Cleaning Unsealed Tiles

Styles of copper tiles
Different styles of hammered copper tiles
Unsealed tiles will age at a much quicker rate. You can clean unsealed copper tiles with soap and water, which will allow them to age naturally. Another option is to apply a copper-cleaning product to the tiles. Be careful about using such a product in the kitchen, as they are often abrasive. Using a copper cleaner will significantly slow down the tile’s aging process, maintaining the original luster for a longer period of time.

Copper tile is an attractive accent in your kitchen or bathroom (or any other room!). With proper knowledge of how to care for the tile you can ensure that your tile will become more appealing as it ages!